Palm Court


140 NE 39th Street
Miami, FL 33137

Palm Court, is the premier event space in the Miami Design District. The palm-dotted, pedestrian plaza, which features significant architecture by Sou Fujimoto and Aranda/Lasch along with public art installations by Konstantin Grcic, Matthew Richie and Xavier Veilhan, is the perfect open-air event destination to host cocktail receptions, live performances and dinners.

The landscape architecture, designed by Island Planning Corporation, incorporates more than 50 palms of several species, including Coccothrinax spinosa and Heterospathe elata, surrounding the iconic geodesic dome designed by renowned architect and inventor, Buckminster Fuller. The individually selected palms were chosen for their tall curving trunks.

Palm Court is also the locus of the Miami Design District's extensive collection of timepiece and jewelry brands.

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